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This table contains most of the products we import. For more information please don't hesitate to contact us.

Asparagus Garlic Nets Limes Rambutans
Asparagus Tips Garlic pre-packs Lychees Raspberries
Avocados Garlic Strings Mangetout Red Chillies
Baby Courgettes Ginger Mangoes Salsify
Baby Pines Grapefruit Mangosteens Sapodillas
Babycorn Grapes Melons (all types) Sharon Fruit
Banana Leaves Green Chillies Okra Starfruit
Blueberries Green Patty Pans Oranges Strawberries
Butternuts Grenadillas Papaya Sugarsnaps
Celeriac Guavas Passion Fruit Sweet Potatoes
Cherries Horseradish Persimmons Sweetcorn
Chicory Kiwi Fruit Physalis Tamarind
Dragon Fruits Kumquats Pineapples Thai Red Shallots
Easy Peelers Lemons Radicchio Yellow Patty Pans